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There's a way for life and business to flow in harmony; for you to make great money and enjoy the lifestyle you desire. It’s not easy (or we’d all be doing it) but one thing's for sure: This way of being is entirely possible, and available to you now.

The truth is business doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it can flow abundantly with ease. I know, because I've been in the trenches, and come out the other side.

Now, let me show you the way.

Hi, I'm Hayley Richardson.

Personal branding and online business mentor, and photographer for coaches - like you - who want to rise up in life and business.

In 2013, after leaving my comfortable  job in brand management I set out to start a health coaching business supporting women to seek joy, creativity, and fall in love with their lives.

However in less than a year, while my business was hitting four and five figure months I'd become a glorified workaholic addicted to struggle. I didn’t look after myself physically or emotionally, and I was constantly overworked and overwhelmed. In 2015, my boyfriend and I moved from our home in Sydney, Australia to London. I was so burnt out by my entrepreneurial lifestyle I had to take off a year from my business, taking up an admin job to pay the bills while I recovered.

By fate, the big U or pure luck, I picked up a book one day, which revolutionised my life: We can change the world only when we change ourselves. Ergo, I had to start living and leading by example now to create the lasting impact I wanted to make.

Sharing this new way became my raison d'être. I resolved to nurture my creativity, cultivate my strengths, and inspire my clients to do the same. I soon discovered that by switching out of fear and living a creatively-inspired life, we can achieve our wildest dreams.

Since then, I’ve gone from feeling trapped in a £20k/year admin job to coaching, guiding and photographing hundreds of women through 1:1 work and in my online programs by helping them create stand-out brands and tapping into that momentum to grow their audiences and business' - beautifully.

No matter where you’re from, I believe if you feel a desire to make a difference in the world, listen up and lean in. That's your purpose seeking expression and the first step toward greater opportunity. Your future is big, your prospects are bright and the world (and your clients) will be moved only when you embrace your potential, value your strengths and talents and show up to share them freely.

You’re serious about your clients' success. Now it’s time to get serious about your own.

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