One thing my clients all share in common... a desire to have their message seen and heard by the masses, to help as many people as possible through their work. 

Do you too? 

I'm Hayley

Hayley Richardson Personal Branding Photographer London

Through my work as a coach and photographer, I’ve noticed that even though many of my clients intuitively know getting visible will absolutely help their business - from greater client connection and a message that moves, to an industry that sits up straight and finally takes notice - many feel great resistance around being seen.

Visibility often carries all kind of baggage with it, doesn't it? Including fear of judgment, fear of the weight of responsibility and fear of a public failure.

Sound familiar?

And so, despite visions of big success, of making an impact and of helping as many people through their work as possible, some falsely believe it’s safer to stay small and invisible.

I’m here to tell you, that’s absolutely not so.

How do I know? 

Well, from my experience, all these fears all stem from a feeling of not being worthy of success and a good life, an old chestnut I was only all too familiar with myself not too long ago. 


Hayley Richardson Personal Branding Photography
Hayley Richardson Personal Branding Photography
Hayley Richardson Personal Branding Photography

What I now know to be true is this:

+ A strong message and positioning breeds brand clarity

+ Branded photos create confidence

+ clarity and confidence combined are *the* enablers of visibility

So here’s the thing:

You have a job to do and visibility will help you get there. Are you going to let fear stop you or are you going to go for it?

Working together

Your personal branding session is tailored

around capturing your unique personality and showing the world what you’re passionate about by doing what you love.

We’ll dig deep into your story;

your clients - what they’re struggling with and where they want to be; your big vision and message; your personality and your style. We’ll leave no stone unturned as we talk location, props, clothing and hair and makeup and design a photoshoot where the photos feel so good you can't stop staring and that are unmistakably YOU!

Wanna know what I love most about my work?

It's that every client is different. And though many of my clients share things in common - they’re happy, super-smart and full of life and joy - the experience is so tailored to you that you’ll come out the other side with a new reverence for yourself and confidence in what you do. 

About me

Australian in London. Francophile. Hygge enthusiast. Beatles fan.

Hayley Richardson - Personal Branding Photography London and Sydney
Hayley Richardson - Personal Branding Photography London and Sydney

 I started my first blog (which later became a health coaching business) back in 2013 not long before I left the corporate world. I’d been working in internal communications and brand identity at a top software and consulting brand, in a team of wonderful people but a company culture and lifestyle that never felt like ‘me’. 

In all honestly I never meant to be a photographer - in fact, my studies were in visual communication and business and I thought it was the corporate life for me - but during a holiday in Northern England I picked up my boyfriend’s camera, started taking photos of his parents and I fell hook, line and sinker for photography and I've never looked back since.

Photography is my true joy in life, and it makes me feel alive. From meeting new people and learning their stories, to understanding someone's essence and coming up with creative ways to capture it, I love every part of what I do. My intentions in photography is to take pictures that have emotion - that make people feel something inside. Every person I work with is different, and part of what makes my work so special is getting to know the person, and capturing them as they truly are.

Looking back now, I suppose it all makes sense. All combined, my studies in visual communication and business, blended with my corporate life in brand and communications gives me a unique advantage and helps me deliver an experience to my clients unlike any other photographer out there, of which I’m super proud of.