Blog Icons illustration pack

£19.00 GBP (approx $25.00 USD)

Vector icons for bloggers

This set of 16 detailed vector illustrations (designed by my talented boyfriend Will) is perfecto for bloggers like your good self who want to create a clear and stylish user experience for your readers! 

Use them to decorate your website, illustrate your products or as a feature image for an Instagram post or webpage. 

The illustration style is flat and the images scale to multiple sizes beautifully without pixelation. Icons cover a range of blogging-related topics and themes including food & drink, yoga, stationery, reading glasses and digital devices.

What you get:

  • EPS and layered Ai files
  • 27 high resolution jpg and png files at 6 inches (15cm) long, 300 dpi
  • Variations with and without shadow
  • Easily editable images that you can scale to any size you wish for a range of different uses.
  • Perfect for blogs, Pinterest, Instagram, blog posts, Facebook, or print
  • Note: Font is not editable

We hope you enjoy the Blog Icons illustration pack!


£19.00 GBP (approx $25.00 USD)