5 ways to sign clients with a feel-good sales (discovery) call


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As a health professional, I bet it came as an unwelcome shock when you realised you'd not only have to be great at what you do, you'd have to learn to be a saleswoman too, right? 

Business and sales? Eww - that's not what you're here to do! You're here to play your part in the health revolution, and help clients transform their lives.

But in order to reach more people and change more lives with your health services, you learned - quickly - that you can't escape it.

At some point or other, sales calls have to be done.

An (almost) universal concern for new coaches and health professionals going into business in this respect is how to sign clients, and not be salesy. The challenge facing women in business today is balancing the need to make money, with the foreign and uncomfortable feeling of selling. This balance is a delicate art, which through practice and a few mindset shifts, can be mastered.

In this post I'm sharing a combination of my five favourite (and most powerful) discovery call tips. These tips will both help you overcome your fear of selling and being salesy, as well as convert more dream clients to your biz.


Often in sales calls where the coach does too much coaching, the potential client may walk away feeling like they've already got what they came for. However in most cases you already know that this isn't the case - a long-term transformation often requires longer support so in fact, you may actually be doing the client's health a disservice if they walk away from a service that would truly benefit their health and life.

Instead, a discovery call is exactly as the name suggests - a call for both parties to explore and discover whether they would be a good fit to work together. It's a place to engage in the vision of the potential client, and help them understand how you can help them close the gap between where they are now, and where they want to be. 

2. ask powerful questions

The purpose of discovery calls are to help the client visualise the transformation they'll experience when working with you. Ergo, powerful questions are a vital part of your discovery call formula. Questions that help clients feel their vision, explore their fears and overcome their fear-based objections will all contribute to helping your client understand whether your services are a good fit for them, and whether you're the right person to help them reach their goals.

If you'd like a list of  25 powerful discovery call questions to print off and use to your heart's content, download the printable PDF '25 Powerful Discovery Call Questions’ >>

3. Scared of being 'salesy?' Detach from the outcome

Through my own experience and observation of others, fear of being seen as salesy can be a real buzz-kill for your sales and biz. However, being ‘salesy’ isn’t actually a sales problem - it’s a fear and attachment problem. Often the coach’s own attachment to the sale and fear of missing out creates an energy of attachment, which will affect the vibe of the call (b*tch don't kill my vibe!).

If you find yourself constantly worrying about coming across as 'salesy,' reconnect with the bigger picture of your intention for your clients, and detach from the outcome of making a sale. A helpful perspective is to remember that you want to work with the clients who want to work with you. It shouldn't feel hard or forced, and if it does and your potential says no, wish them well gracefully, move on and focus your attention on attracting the next potential client (who will of course be a better fit ;))

4. Ask for the sale

It may seem scary and frightening, but asking for the sale is one of the most important aspects of a soulful discovery call that converts a potential client into a paying client. Many coaches will hold a wonderful discovery call (or health history), but back down when it comes time to discuss the payment details. Some coaches may even avoid mentioning it all together! 

Being passive or relying on luck is no way to run a business. Sales are part and parcel of your business, and you need to get comfortable with the feeling of selling. A helpful perspective is to remember that your potential clients are on the discovery call in the first place because they want to work with you and like what you offer! How cool is that? Contrary to your fears, you're not holding them hostage, and the worst they could do is say no (in which case, refer back to point 3, detach from the outcome).

5. Own your value

Approach your discovery call with the spirit of good service, and remember that you as a person and as a coach have value to share and are worthy of running a profitable business. Instead of sinking into fear, keep the value and transformation you help people with at the forefront of your mind. This is the best way to enter your discovery call with complete confidence, and to sell your packages with heart and soul.

As you can see, the secret to selling your services through discovery coaches is a combination of both mindset and technique. Overcoming your fear of selling is imperative, so you can own and stand in your value as a professional. Equally important, is asking the right questions and avoiding coaching in the discovery call session itself - though this one is often debatable among many coaches so if you disagree with me I'd be interested to hear your thoughts about why you DO coach in your discovery calls. 

If you've held discovery calls before, this is a great place to share your experience with other health coaches in the comments below. What works and what hasn't worked for you from YOUR experience? The above tips are from my direct experience holding discovery calls for my coaching business, but I'd love to know what's worked for you too.

And in case you're looking for extra tools to help your discovery call game, download my list of 25 powerful discovery call questions by clicking the button below!

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