A monthly partnership supporting you to find your unique path, get clear on your ideas and bring your creative business projects to life.

Simplify your business, get work done and find order in the midst of your creative chaos

Business mentoring is perfect for you if:

You're a health coach, a life coach or infopreneur (i.e. you create digital products to sell online). You may be working on your business part time, just recently gone full time or you've been full time for a while and afraid it's all going to fizzle out.

You're in the 0.5 - 2 year mark of running a blog or business and your results are scattered. Income from your business is roughly between £500 - £1,500 ($800 - $2,000) per month and earning money still feels like a challenge because you have so many things on your to-do list but you're not quite sure what to prioritise to make the most impact, or where to start.

You’re yet to build a name for yourself and interviews, media and guest opportunities don't often (if at all) land in your inbox. Your social media community is less than 3,000 followers and you're not getting any traction or growth.

You're not sure what you should be focusing on right now. You jump from task to task without seeing projects all the way through - you want to buy this eCourse and that eBook looks great and oh you've gotta sell your coaching program but damn, you wanna work on your freebies instead.


When you sign up to work with me, you get:

50 minute fortnightly coaching and mentoring sessions with me for support, encouragement, problem solving and connecting with your big picture visions. Take your pick of a 3 month or 6 month package.

Pre-session homework each month, with a comprehensive check in email before each session prompting you to reflect on what's worked and what hasn't in the past month, review your goals, set goals for the month ahead, observe any fears and obstacles holding you back from making steps forward so we can dive deep in our session together.

My 'Personal Clarity and Alignment Workbook*' and 'Achieve Your Monthly Goals Workbook*' (valued at £28) to help you identify your desires, understand your strengths and weaknesses (and find ways to complement them) clarify your creative ideas (and decide which ones are worth parking and which ones' pursuing). (*Coming soon)

The oh-so-vital space to reflect on your progress, re-evaluate your goals and celebrate your successes.

Unlimited email support between sessions for moments of doubt, questions or a nod of encouragement when you're doubting yourself and need someone who gets it to remind you to keep going.

My 4+ years of blogging and business experience to stand shoulder to shoulder as you navigate the world of business. I'll be your support, your cheerleader, your accountability buddy and your experienced mentor who's greatest desire is to see you succeed - joyfully - with your online business and creative projects.

You'll also get these workbooks, free:

Personal clarity and alignment

personal clarity and alignment

Start our time together doing a complete 'you audit'. Get crystalline clear on your strengths, your uniqueness, what's working in your life and what needs your care and attention. Bring it all together for a 100% aligned business and life that's makes your heart sing.

(valued at £17)

Achieve your monthly goals

Achieve your monthly goals workbook

Goal-setting and reviewing is one of the most beneficial habits for you to practice so you can reach your income goals sooner and start making a living doing what you love. Use this workbook to reflect, course correct, get clear on your goals and follow through. Operate in your business with deep insight and complete clarity.

(valued at £11)


3 or 6 months of fortnightly personal mentoring and business support:


Feel supported, organised, clear and inspired - oh yeah!

Book a skype clarity session now:


I'd rather pay in full - is that an option?

Yes, absolutely! If you'd prefer to pay the program up front in full, you're welcome to.

I need support, but the investment is too much for me

Everyone with a dream to run a coaching business should have access to support and guidance, even those without the financial means. I offer 4 x concession coaching places per year for people who are giving their all to their business, who crave support, but for who the full coaching investment is not accessible. This might be you if you're a single parent, a full-time student or a low-income earner and you've been running a blog or your business for at least one year. Email me at hello@hayleyrichardson.co to say hi before you book a clarity call.

can I leave the program?

No, by committing to this program you'll need to sign a contract to confirm that you'll see it through.

I'd like to speak with you first, is that an option?

Sure thing, sister! If you're considering this program as a serious option, please book a clarity call with me now here.

Are you a business consultant?

No. I don't give you a laid-out formula or step-by-step blueprint to run your business and I don't create tailored plans for you outside of sessions.

What I am is a mix of coach and mentor, and I support you to:

  • Uncover your strengths, your unique voice and your creative vision so your business is a complete reflection of you.
  • Set and review business and personal goals so you understand what's working and what's not, and use this information to inspire your direction moving forward.
  • Support yourself, stay accountable to your goals and see all your projects and work through to completion.
  • Celebrate your progress and keep a positive mindset so you can rise through the not-so-fun times and maintain self-belief.
  • Take care of your health and wellbeing so you maintain your sanity and creatively THRIVE.

All the knowledge and experience in my brain from my 4+ years experience working in my own coaching, teaching and photography business is an unlimited resource available to you.

Ok, I want in!

What happens next?


Oh hey! So excited to meet you. The big BOOK NOW button will take you to a page where you can book in your clarity call to see if we're both a good fit.


Virtual coffee date on Skype. We get to know each other for 20 minutes and dive deep into your challenges, goals and visions. You decide if I'm the right mentor for you (hint: if you like Riverdale and Aperol Spritz's it's the start of something wonderful 😉) and I tell you straight up if your business phase isn't or is a good fit for my support.


Welcome aboard! When you sign up to mentor with me, I'll send through your contract, invoice and your free workbooks before we kick off.


Let's bring your creative projects to life!


3 or 6 months of fortnightly personal mentoring and business support:


Feel supported, organised, clear and inspired - oh yeah!

Book a skype clarity session now: