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- Email marketing -

Make Email Magic

audio workshop - 1 hour

You'll learn three unconventional ways to connect and grow a thriving community that supports your creative biz via the art of email (including tips on what exactly to say).

Want in? (I thought so!)


- instagram marketing - 

30 Best #Girlboss Hashtags

pdf guide

Get instant access to the 30 best hashtags for female business owners and start exploding your Instagram.



- creative expression -

Fully Expressed

email short course - 5 days

Sick of trying to fit into the 'online gurus' molds and drawn to carving your own path online? Look no further than this tiny, almighty journalling course. Discover 5 key questions to help you thrive creatively - beyond fear - and share work in your authentic voice at full steam ahead.


- work-life wellbeing -

Wellness Wonderland

Audio workshop - 30 minutes

This is a free workshop for self-employed sisters who swoon at the idea of wellbeing support. If you're struggling to find a routine that supports you to thrive creatively and have fallen into habits that don't align with your goals, listen in to turn it all around.