The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Stories


It's time to start using Stories for more than the bunny ears filter, my friend 🐰🐰🐰


Let's get visible, connect with your audience and make selling with Stories fun!

The verdict is in: Instagram Stories has well overtaken Snapchat Stories as the platform continues to grow. With 700 million monthly active users, 400 million daily active users and 200 million Stories daily users, Instagram Stories is the place to be (source).

Discover new and creative ways to market your business on Instagram Stories in this workbook for health coaches, life coaches and creative online business owners. Stories is under-used, yet ripe with opportunity for small business owners who use Instagram to build brand awareness and drive sales.


Using stories, you can:

Build connections with your audience faster, as they see and hear the real you on video, getting to know, like and trust you. You know what it's like when you see someone on Stories for the first time and they're either totally how you imaged or entirely different? That's the power of Stories and connecting through video - people get a real glimpse of you!

Stay top of mind when you share regularly, driving more website visits and product sales. When you update your Stories daily (or regularly) your followers get to know you. They'll remember you, and keep your offerings at the forefront of their mind - especially useful when they're ready to buy.

Creatively share content in just about any format imaginable. The beauty of Stories is you can share updates any way you like - through text, photos, video and more! Play to your strengths and communicate with your audience in a way that feel good to you.

What's in the guide, then?


60+ pages brimming with lessons, tips and guidance to help you get maximum impact and deep connections using Instagram Stories. See a clear ROI on your time spent on Insta, and spend less time on the app and more time living real life.


Space for brainstorming your own unique content and promotion ideas, so you can take your Stories game up a notch and stand out as a storyteller who people love to watch, attracting new followers and potential clients with content that's a perfect fit for you.

Examples of 'Grammers who are killing it on Stories with my analysis of what they're doing right and why.


What you get once you've bought the workbook

The basics

A step-by-step run-down on how to post a Story. Perfect for bringing Instagram newbies up to speed with Stories.

The Stories Low-Down

The what, when and how often of posting to Instagram Stories so you have all bases of the Stories game covered.

Creative Content Ideas

Discover multiple original and entertaining ways to tell your Stories, so you can stand out in your field as the storyteller to watch.

Promotion tips and tricks

Learn how to effectively promote your biz with stories, without burning your audience out.


7 Stories Hacks

Little-known tips and tricks on Instagram Stories to take yours to the next level.

Stories Spotlights

4 x Stories Spotlights with examples from my favourite creative Instagram storytellers and what they're doing right.

Worksheets and prompts

Worksheets and journal prompts to support your learning and help you discover your own unique stories style.

Planning sheets

Plan out informational / educational stories that flow well and keep your audience's attention end-to-end.

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Is 'The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Stories' short course and workbook for me?

Let's find out. TUG2IS is PERFECT FOR YOU IF YOU'RE A:


In fact, this is how the course began - as an Instagram course for Health Coaches and many of the existing students are graduates of IIN and other coaching schools.


You're a coach who wants to learn how to engage your audience through inspirational content, while conveying the value of the work you do as a coach in easy, straightforward language.


If you're a coach, VA, writer, yoga teacher, author or someone who holds events or creates digital courses and products, this is for you. You'll learn how to use Instagram to build your personal brand, attract customers and clients and get your name known by potential clients.

New or experienced Instagram user

The workbook starts by covering the Instagram Stories basics, so whether you think you're techy or not, you can connect with your audience using Stories. Then we dive into how to make your Stories appealing, informative, educational and inspiring, with worksheets to help you get clear on what you want to share and help you plan it out.

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Grow your tribe, create compelling content and convert followers into clients.