Photography brief


Hi there! 

I'm thrilled to be working together and can't wait to create a photography experience that's truly unforgettable. 

This brief will give you some space to think about what you want to achieve in your shoot, so your pictures truly capture your vision.

It's really important for me to know and understand you at a deeper level, so there's some personal questions included as well, for good measure.

Name *
So I can send you a little something :)
Preferred shoot date #1 *
Preferred shoot date #1
In Winter I prefer shooting from 10am/11am, in Summer and longer daylight hours, I prefer to start shooting approx 4 hours before sunset.
Preferred shoot date #2 *
Preferred shoot date #2
Preferred shoot date #3 *
Preferred shoot date #3
This could include mood, colour tones, props, poses - there's no right or wrong here, let your mind go wild!
If you'd like to shoot at your house, please provide your address.
A general description here is fine - I.e. 'I prefer more landscape shots than portrait' or 'I need 2-3 good close up portraits, a few lifestyle shots and some detail shots'. If you do have any specific shots where you know what the exact setup needs to be (i.e. I need a landscape shot for a Facebook ad where I'm against a pink wall, on the right hand side, wearing sunglasses)
I.e. Are you nervous in front of the camera and want lots of direction? Do you have a particular body part of feature that you want accentuated/highlighted/obscured? Anything else in general you'd like to add?