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I love creating practical, helpful and beautiful resources to help you thrive on social media, in your business and in life. Check out my eBooks, workbooks and courses on Instagram, goal setting, personal alignment and business clarity. Why? Because when you thrive in business, you thrive in life. Ain't that the truth, uh-huh!

- Instagram -

❤ The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Stories ❤ 

Short course + workbook

Let's get visible, connect with your audience and make selling with Stories fun!

Discover new and creative ways to market your business on Instagram in this workbook on all things Instagram Stories for health and life coaches and creative online business owners. 

£30 (approx $38.00 USD)

❤ The ultimate guide to Flat lay photography ❤ 


Flat lay photography eBook Hayley Richardson

Transform your Flat Lay photos on Instagram and you can:

- Attract more followers (#factoflife - pretty sells)
- Get noticed and have your photos re-grammed
- Enjoy the process of creating, styling and photographing

£17.00 (approx $22.00 USD)

- Coaching -

❤ Personal clarity + alignment workbook ❤ 

Personal Clarity and alignment

Discover your strengths, your uniqueness and conduct a life audit. Bring it all together for an aligned business and life.

£17 (approx $22 USD)

❤achieve your Monthly goals workbook ❤

Achieve Your Monthly Goals

Reflect, course correct, get clear on your goals and follow through. Operate in your business with deep insight and complete clarity.

£11 (approx $14 USD)

- blog and website -

❤Blog icons illustration pack ❤


Buy this pack if you want to create a clear and stylish user experience for your audience. Get 16 detailed vector illustrations (designed by my talented boyfriend Will) and decorate your website, illustrate your products or as a feature image for an Instagram post or webpage. 

£19.00 GBP (APPROX $25.00 USD)



Instagram Tribe Hayley Richardson

Instagram Tribe


The Instagram breakthrough you've (secretly) been praying for